Roman Blinds

All our Roman blinds are hand finished with no stitch lines showing on the face fabric. They are handmade using the traditional wooden batten and pull cord method. This method protrudes less from the window, is smoother to run and is much simpler and cheaper to fix in years to come should any parts need replacing. All our Roman blinds include the wooden batten, covered in your face fabric, and are strung, ready to attach to hang, including a cleat and acorn and full fitting instructions. All our blinds meet the relevant safety regulations including cords which are fitted with a break away system. If you would prefer your blind fitted with a mechanism and rotary chain, do let us k now.

Measuring Your Window...

Firstly, decide whet her you want to fit your blind to hang inside or outside the window recess.

Inside Recess Fitting Where you want the blind to hang inside the recess, measure the total width f rom A to B and the length from C t o D in centimetres. Do this in three places and note the narrowest measurements .


Outside Recess Fitting For a blind that will hang outside the window recess, we recommend that the fabric over laps by at least 4cms on each side. For the length, consider fitting the blind higher above the window if space allows as this will give the illusion of height. Consider where you would like your blind to sit - this will usually b e 10-20 cm above the window (if space allows). Generally, when folded you will want the blind to sit above the window but covering the top of the window frame. Measure from this point to where you would like the blind to finish this is your finished length.

For the width, measure between points E t o F in centimetres. Measure from G to H for the drop length.

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